PLEASE NOTE: THANKSGIVING schedule below. Please come in to shop!

(Im sorry - we are not taking email orders 23-25th, we are booked)

OPEN to shop inside: 

Monday 23rd from 9 - 5

Tuesday 24th from 9 - 5

Wednesday 25 from 9 - 5

Closed thanksgiving

Open Friday 27th and Saturday 28th from 9 - 4. closed Sunday 29th. 

(Note - there will not be any call in/curbside orders during this week. The store will be open to come in. Please be mindful of people waiting outside to pick up holiday orders and limit your time in the store). We are only allowed 4 people at a time in the store. There may be a line, so please be patient and considerate of other holiday shoppers. Thank you and Happy Holidays! 


Our new schedule has one call in/curbside day at the store (Tuesdays) and four "Market Days." In store safe shopping days are Wednesday - Saturday. We are currently closed Sundays and Mondays (except the week of major holidays, shopping hours will increase those weeks) 

MASKS ARE REQUIRED TO ENTER. We will have sanitizer at the door and you may purchase a mask if you forgot yours. You will know you can enter if there is an empty sanitized basket outside the store, on the table. If there is not a basket available that means the store is currently full. We will restock cleaned baskets as customers leave.  Please maintain a 6 foot distance from other customers. We will have a path marked out on the floor to help you smoothly move through the store.

 Choose how you  prefer to shop! Please note we can only do one or the other, so no indoor shopping on call in curb side days. See schedule below for days. 

 Please: to help reduce line size for other patrons waiting, one guest per party/family at a time. Please be mindful of customers waiting behind you while shopping. We can not sample cheese during Covid. Masks must be worn the whole time you are in the store. 

Thank you!

NEW Store Schedule (Normal - not holiday weeks) :

Tuesdays: Call in/curbside pick up only, 9 – 4 PM


Wednesdays: "Market Day" – indoor safe social distance shopping only, 9 – 4


Thursdays: "Market Day" – indoor safe social distance shopping only, 9 – 4


Fridays: "Market Day" – indoor safe social distance shopping only, 9 – 4


Saturdays: "Market Day" – indoor safe social distance shopping only, 9 – 4 


Closed Sundays/ Mondays. (Please check social media for up coming holiday hour changes)

Call 207.883.4057, Call 207.347.0949  -only during store hours please, Call 207.347.0856 - only during store hours please.

Facebook: The Cheese Iron  >   Instagram: cheesemanmaniaci

Please note: We will be unable to allow sample tasting during Covid. Please trust that your cheese-mongers will help you find the perfect selection.  


New Hours During COVID-19 Crisis


200 US-1 #300, Scarborough, ME 04074, USA



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